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Member trust levels provide at-a-glance info which works as follows.


Our highest trust level, Gold, means the member is believed to be trustworthy. A careful review process leads to this decision, which usually includes verified ID. It also means the member authorizes us to forward information we have about them if we believe they have acted fraudulently. We back Gold Member trades with a $200 Safety Guarantee.

Higher amounts may also be traded safety, but we don't guarantee it as no process can guarantee 100% trustworthiness, especially for large amounts. The benefit of recognizing Gold Members is assured confidence in virtually any trade type including riskier ones such as checks or bank transfers up to $200.


Our second highest level, Silver, does not indicate trustworthiness. It only means the member cannot easily abuse and re-create anonymous accounts as we do ID (or similar) verification. It's possible to obtain fake ID documents, but there is a cost. It's this cost which is meant as a deterrent to abusing sign-ups.


Our default trust level, Bronze, means we haven't assessed the member's trustworthiness.