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Refer people through December 31, 2018 and receive 60% of their trade fees during the first year of their account. After that you'll continue receiving 10% for the lifetime of their account.


A user posts and completes a trade with a USD value of $1,000. The fee due is 1% or $10. Your payout would be $6.00 during the first year of their account and $1.00 after.

To refer people simply link them using your referral code. For example, if your code was 1234 your link would be To see your referral code and program stats click My Profile and 'affiliate info' from your profile. A member is counted as your referral when they arrive with your code, sign up and complete trades. A visitor will remain your referral for 3 months whether they sign up on their first visit or not. Note visitors must accept cookies. You may link to any page.


  • Absolutely no spamming. Don't be abusive when advertising a link. Spam complaints can result in program disqualification and forfeiture of payouts. As a rule of thumb if someone would complain it's probably spam. The best referrals occur during the natural course of discussion, or when visitors might otherwise be interested in our site such as when clicking an ad.
  • No foul play, such as misleading advertising

Helpful points

  • No ID required to trade
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies supported including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC) directly held in escrow
  • Multiple pay methods including Gift Card Codes, Bank Transfer, Cash in person etc.

We reserve the right to terminate program eligibility at any time. Payouts are credited weekly to your wallet in BCH equivalent. We're happy to help with any questions! Please click Support from My Account.