| Safe. Private.


Users interact with trust to trade funds in a variety of formats including cryptocurrencies, national currencies, gift card codes, and even small loans. Payment methods include previously risky options like personal checks or bank account-to-account transfers. Additionally users keep the privacy and freedom associated with peer-to-peer services.

Here users are assigned a credit rating, a maximum value in US dollars they may safely be trusted with. In most cases this won't exceed $200.00. While this may not sound like much typical purchases can often be completed under $200.00. The idea is giving users more convenience and flexibility for funds. Additional trades can be completed as needed.


To gain a credit rating most (but not all) users will submit acceptable ID, allowing us to hold them accountable. However, it's not the same intrusion to privacy typically associated with regulated financial services. We are not a US money service business and do not monitor our users or transactions. Documents are not stored online and users can fully delete accounts.