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Is trading here private?

Yes. Trades here are peer-to-peer.

Do I need to submit identifying documents to trade?

No identification is required to trade. For trade security escrow can be held (in Bitcoin or Litecoin) for the value of any trade.

What is a fraud or default alert?

In addition to the feedback system we have special warning alerts. These are flipped on or off like a light switch and displayed in red on a profile. There are 3 types: Default, Fraud, and Fraud Warning. A 'Default' alert indicates default on a loan. A fraud alert indicates trade fraud. A 'Fraud Warning' indicates a member assigns one of the other alerts fraudulently.

What can be traded here?

Almost anything can be traded here, including national currencies, cryptocurrencies, gift card codes, and even loan offers at interest. Escrow secures trades in USD equivalent amounts.

Why are loans listed under 'Trades' in My Account?

For simplicity a loan is another kind of trade, but the trade is always one amount for another amount of the same currency. Loans can be secured with escrow similarly to other trades.