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What level of credit will people receive here?

In most cases credit won't exceed $200. Doing more than one trade is recommended for higher amounts.

Is ID submission mandatory?

No, ID submission is optional. However, users who don't submit ID will not qualify for much credit unless they can prove an established trustworthy account elsewhere.

How safe is it to trade here?

Our goal is trustworthy trades. Things are set up to make theft/fraud not very profitable, while potentially costly (practically and legally). Often fraud happens because amounts which can be stolen are enticing, are fairly easy to steal and have no worry of consequences. That doesn't apply here. Trade amounts are typically low. It's hard to gain a good credit rating, and if theft/fraud does occur there can be real legal consequences, in addition to loss of site use.

What happens if I do encounter fraud?

Here a member's word is their bond. A problem trade is more likely to result from a misunderstanding than real fraud, and we encourage members to work things out amicably. In case of real theft/fraud we will do everything we can to help the victim, including providing information we have on the offender to aid legal action. Also see our Safety Guarantee.

Are there any fees?

It's always free to post trade advertisements. However, ad poster is charged 1% of the USD equivalent of their offer at trade completion. PayPal trades are 3% due to increased chargeback risk. Canceled trades are not charged.

Is my trading private?

Yes. We do not monitor users or transactions as we are not a US money service business. Trades here remain peer-to-peer. Furthermore, accounts can be completely deleted.

When I delete my account what gets deleted?

Everything. The only thing remaining of your account will be the username, which is no longer available, and any feedback left for others. All trades and any submitted documents are completely deleted. Note completed trades are automatically deleted after 15 days and cannot be deleted until 15 days after completion.

What can be traded here?

Almost anything can be traded here, including national currencies, cryptocurrencies, gift card codes, and even loan offers at interest.

What's the best way to gain a good credit rating?

Ratings are based on proven history and identity. An online account elsewhere with a history of trustworthy trading goes a long way. In some cases no further ID is even required. For others ID submission forms the basis of trust, and there are different levels of ID submission. Some accounts not associated with trading, such as on Twitter, can also play a role in establishing identity. From My Account click Build My Credit for more details.

Can't people submit fake identification?

Yes, but they're not likely to get far as our credit rating formula isn't based soley on ID. We seek to be sure we have a person's real photograph at a minimum. It shouldn't be worth it to behave fraudulently for $10-20 of credit and guaranteed loss of site use.