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Gold members are a screened class of members believed to be trustworthy. Many peer-to-peer transactions remain risky even with escrow, which is where trust becomes key. Examples include the following.

Gift Card Codes

For trades involving gift card codes at some point both traders are exposed to the code, but anyone knowing the code can redeem it. Either party behaving dishonestly can stealthily use the code and claim they didn't. An arbitrator has few good ways of determining who is being truthful and could easily make a mistake. For this reason it's recommmended to seek out Gold members when trading gift card codes. For all others amounts should be kept low and prior feedback carefully reviewed.


Trust is key with loans. Not only is it important to believe a loan recipient feels obligated and motivated to repay, but peer-to-peer loans make it difficult to spot fraudulent loan feedback. Anyone can create multiple accounts which appear to grant loans and give positive feedback about repayments which don't exist. To combat this our system only recognizes feedback on loans provided by Gold members.


Benefits of Gold status include the following:

  • Safety Guarantee
  • Better trading opportunities
  • Better loan opportunities
  • Buy/sell convenience

Gold members trading with Gold members is the epitome of TrustedCoinTrades. Trading anonymously peer-to-peer shouldn't mean accepting some amount of risk. If parties involved in a trade are trustworthy it matters little how open to fraud a payment method is, because the trade is based on trust. For this reason whenever Gold members trade with other Gold members the trade is backed by our $200.00 Safety Guarantee.

Gold members enjoy better trade opportunities as members seek them out for trades where escrow helps little, such as with gift card codes, or loans where only Gold feedback counts. Loan providers can also rest assured a default is grounds for losing Gold status.

The most convenient way to buy/sell cryptocurrency may be bank account-to-account transfers. What's more convenient than opening a browser, logging in to send funds and receiving cryptocurrency? This is clearly desirable, but there is often concern about anonymous parties gaining account information as well as man-in-the-middle fraud risk. Here again Gold membership helps as members know trade partners are screened as trustworthy and their transaction is protected up to $200.00.

Gold Application

To gain Gold status simply engage in trustworthy trading. We regularly review accounts to promote. Alternatively you may apply directly.