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Hacks and theft continue to expose users to big losses. Our goal is safe, private trades. We're pleased to introduce a feature securing funds: multisignature.

The concept of cryptocurrency multisignatures has been around a while and they work simply. Instead of one signature required to move funds a multisignature address can require options like any 2 out of 3, or 4 out of 4 signers.

We use the open source Copay wallet to optionally add 2 out of 3 multisignature protection to BTC and BCH escrow. We act as a signer as well as each trade participant. This secures funds in a bullet proof way, because no single party can move funds but any two can. That's key, as it means even if our server was completely taken over funds in multisignature addresses couldn't be moved without two parties signing, meaning at least one trade participant must approve.

Rest assured it's safe to use to secure any trade amount when using multisignature.

Copay Multisignature Intro

Note: Copay has finished beta and is safe for securing funds.