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Falling victim to this scheme may result in bank account closure. A scam artist first places an off-site ad for an enticing deal. For example, they may offer to ship a gold necklace worth $1,000 for $500 claiming they need cash, or they may sell a cryptocurrency at a discount. They convince interested buyers they are trustworthy as they will be providing their full name and bank account details for a cash deposit. If there are problems buyers may follow up with the bank.

Once the scam artist has interested buyers he establishes a trade to buy bitcoin online using cash deposit (or bank transfer). Upon receiving a seller's name and bank details for the deposit the scam artist instructs the ad respondent to deposit using their information. The seller sees the deposit was made and sends the scam artist bitcoins (worth $500). The victim expecting the necklace who never receives it returns to the bank explaining fraud was committed with the deposit account, which can mean a reversal of the deposit and closure of the bitcoin seller's bank account.